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William F. Scofield, LLC Attorney at Law
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Our firm’s attorneys have represented lenders, businesses, and individuals in all aspects of commercial and residential land purchases and sales, leases, land use matters and real estate development. We have counseled clients regarding the negotiation and preparation of purchase and sale contracts, lease documents, construction contracts, agreements between landowners and reciprocal access and management agreements.

The firm's attorneys have also counseled real estate lenders and borrowers regarding a variety of issues relating to the financing of real estate purchases and long term leases, including construction and permanent loan financing arrangements. We have advised clients regarding the benefits and risks associated with the use of various forms of security associated with real estate financing transactions, and have assisted clients with the negotiation, documentation and closing of unsecured loans and loans secured by various forms of real and personal property. We have also counseled clients about available remedies following financial defaults including the negotiation and documentation of loan restructure agreements, receivership appointments, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transactions.

Why Use William F. Scofield, Esq.?

  • By working with us, your company will gain the benefit of our firm’s expertise in the areas of:
    • settlement practices for residential properties including co-op’s, new construction and government loans (VA, FHA and SONYMA),
    • sale/purchase contract preparation and negotiation
    • document preparation for transactions such as:
      • New York Assignments (MECA’s)
      • Subordinations
      • Powers of Attorney
      • Deeds
      • UCC 1’s and UCC 3’s
      • Aztec Agreements
      • Title Order and Review

These are just a few of the services we can provide.

  • We have closed and assisted in the Assignment of hundreds of real estate loans.
  • We always do our best to provide you with choices for your closing at a location that is convenient. You have a choice of closing at our office, other places of business or any other location that is convenient for all parties involved without any additional fee.
  • Our goal is to make the closing process as pleasant and easy as possible for all parties involved. We have the staff and closing locations to meet all of your needs when it comes to closing times. We will always go the extra mile when it comes to Customer Service. You can always count on us to get the deal closed.
  • We thoroughly review the information and figures for each closing to make sure that they always match the 1003, GFE and Broker Fee Agreement. All HUDs, CEM agreements, and checks are prepared using our custom programs which assures the highest level of accuracy.
  • William F. Scofield, Esq. has sufficient staff to handle even last minute scheduling. We’re not in the habit of turning you away.
  • We use state of the art computer technology (servers, desktop workstations, digital copiers/scanners/printers) as well as the most efficient programs to meet the needs of our clients, borrowers and lenders. We have full e-mail support. Our website provides users the ability to order services from us, view status of services ordered and check out our calendar of scheduled closings. The result is precise and efficient customer service.
  • An auto e-mail to anyone who provides their e-mail address can be sent when any of the following events occur: title is ordered, title is received, title is reviewed, title is cleared, the file is cleared by the lender, a closing date is scheduled, net proceeds information becomes available and when the deal is successfully closed.
  • With HUDs and all other documents prepared in advance, your borrowers will be very pleased with how little time they have to take out of their busy day to close their loans.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We feel it’s important to try our very best to make sure that everyone walks away from the closing with the highest level of satisfaction.

New York Assignments (CEMs)

  • We will contact the Borrowers and their Existing Bank
  • We will order the Assignment
  • We will order from the County Clerk any missing recorded documents
  • We will review Lost Note Affidavits
  • We will have the borrowers resign, when available, notes that were lost by the assigning bank
  • We will coordinate a time and place with the Assigning Bank and/or their counsel to exchange funds for a complete set of original documents
  • We will insure payoff by next day mailing
  • We will obtain the original file from the document custodian

Co-op Payoffs

  • We will draft the UCC 3s
  • We will hand deliver the UCC 3s and original document file to the closing in exchange for certified funds
  • We will forward the payoff funds to you the same day
  • We will travel to the closing location
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